South Adams County FPD, Colorado


Ready for any still alarm – Ready for any wildfire!  It’s an all aluminum Flat-Bed model with lots of additional storage options, 1.5″ crosslay and a 1.5″ rear pre-connect.  Plus SCBA and spare bottle storage in the cab.  Check out this awesome Type 5 spec’d by South Adams County FPD.

Feature Highlights:

  • F550 4×4 Diesel 4-Door / Skeeter All-Terrain Package
  • 400 gallon water / 10 gallon foam
  • Diesel pump / Class A foam system
  • Rear 1.5″ pre-connect & 1.5″ cross-lays with trays
  • Front monitor and sweep nozzles
  • Lower-body compartments / transverse tool tray
  • SCBA and spare bottles in cab
  • Rear and passenger-side cameras
  • 16,500# 12V winch recessed in the front bumper

Component List  | Specification