Standard Skeeter Type 5 Wildland Engine

Skeeter Brush Trucks were designed with the collaboration of wildland firefighters and engineers.  Our solution is a true custom wildland apparatus.   We put emphasis on protecting the chassis and body through reinforcements and armor to take the personnel and equipment to the fire and fight offensively while minimizing manpower. 


Our custom front bumpers are built out of aluminum or steel and designed to accommodate over 2 dozen options.  We can paint, powder coat, or leave it brushed aluminum for a clean appearance and ideal for operating in the brush.  Our bumpers can be equipped with 4” or 7” HID driving lights, fixed or receiver mount winches, tow eyes, cameras, speakers and emergency lighting as well as some of our most popular options:


Front Bumper Turrets are operated from a joystick from inside the cab.  This technology was derived from the ARFF industry where attacking a fire from within the safety of the cab is standard.  The Sidewinder front bumper turret is a selectable nozzle and can flow from 30 - 120 GPM (4 - 13 minutes of constant flow) without the need to pull any hose.  Optional color or IR cameras can also be mounted to the nozzle giving the operators in the cab a superior view of operations. Option a front 1.5” discharge and hose tray to accommodate up to 150’ of forestry hose working in front of the truck for better lighting and visibility.


Fixed ground sweep nozzles are 15 GPM @ 100 PSI and are electronically operated from inside the cab and have the ability to operate independently based on the need and application.  Carrying 400 gallons of water and 10 gallons of foam will give you approximately 1/2 to 2 miles (13 - 26 minutes) of application at constant flow on a single tank.  Coupled with our standard Scotty Class A foam system, hundreds of departments find this option to be an extremely efficient and practical means of suppression that can be managed by a single operator within the comfort and safety of the cab.


We excel in scene lighting.  We have options to provide for 360°┬áLED and HID scene lighting for operations at night without the need of a generator.  Bringing lighting to the front line of the firefight at night is an invaluable safety option standard on all Skeeter Brush Trucks.  All of our body electrical components are enclosed in a weather tight electrical box for protection and easy access, when needed.


Strength, durability and flexibility.  Each body design was engineered by CAD for proper strength, weight, and balance in either a 92” or 96” wide model. Our bodies are built on a TIG welded aluminum substructure (5” I-Beam frame rails with 3” I-Beam cross-members on 12” centers).  The bodies are then aluminum skinned and spring-mounted to the chassis frame to allow for strength and flexibility.  Each body is flex tested in all attitudes while flowing water to all discharges to ensure our quality standards and design are properly met.


Heavy on features.  Skeeter Brush truck features speak for themselves.  Spacious standard compartments, optional EMS and BA storage inside the cab, and/or full height rescue-style compartments mean Skeeter Brush Trucks has a solution to get the job done right and the way you want it.  Crosslays with slide-out trays, not a problem.  Ladders, backboards, or stokes basket storage, not a problem. 


Triple Threat Combination.  Skeeter Brush Trucks offer true value conscious versatility not only as a wildland engine, but also as an EMS first responder, a rapid intervention unit, a first attack pumper or for water shuttle.  The Skeeter Brush Truck offers affordable options on today’s budget. 












  • 114” Commercial Flatbed (92” or 96” widths)
  • 114” Custom Flatbed (92” or 96” widths)
  • 114” Step-side model (92” or 96” widths)
  • 114” Rescue-side model (92" or 96” widths)



  • In-cab operations minimize manpower for a safer environment.
  • High-visibility scene lighting
  • Cameras give the driver a better view of what’s ahead or what’s behind



  • Our stainless steel and flex hose plumbing allows for field repairs in minutes
  • Full accessibility to pump, plumbing, and valves
  • Complete electrical enclosed in body compartment for protection and easy access



  • Skeeter Brush Trucks take personnel, tools, and water to the fire line that a Class A pumper can’t
  • 20” ballistic, load range M, super single radial tires deliver on performance in any off-road condition
  • 6" Four Link Suspension System gives you necessary clearance through brush while maintaining a low center of gravity




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